Ensure your network shares are always there

Tired of mounting your network shares? AutoMounter ensures your shares are always mounted when you need them.

If you've got a NAS appliance, a server at work, or even shared folders on your other computers, you'll know how annoying it is to keep your shares connected. AutoMounter is here to make your life easier, intelligently managing your NAS servers and shares, ensuring your files are always accessible and ready to use.


  • Automatic Mounts

    We detect when your network changes, when servers become available, when shares unmount... AutoMounter will keep your shares mounted.

  • Advanced Features

    Set mount rules, like matching against WiFi and VPN connections, open apps, and more. AutoMounter even supports Wake On LAN!

  • Pro Settings

    Set custom mount locations and open multiple apps and files on mount. For IT admins, export / import settings as a managed configuration profile.

  • Server Discovery

    Auto discover available servers that provide filesharing services. Configuring an automount has never been easier!

  • Multiple Servers

    Add as many NAS servers and shares as you like. AutoMounter will manage and track them all.

  • Native and Secure

    We use native macOS frameworks, and never store credentials. No scripting required! There's even a dark theme...

Supported Protocols

  • AFP OS X / Netatalk
  • NFS* No Mount Options
  • FTP* Read-only

Watch AutoMounter in Action

We love using AutoMounter, and we think you will too!

In-App Purchase required for 'Pro Settings'
Requirements: macOS 10.11+


Please refer to the documentation link below for support and FAQs. If you're still stumped, feel free to contact us!