More Hobbitses

It would have been churlish not to try taking pictures the day of the Hobbit premiere.  However, after almost an hour of waving my arms above my head, not knowing who or what I was capturing, it began to wear thin.  Given that around 100,000 other Wellingtonians (either permanent or temporary) had the same idea, it’s not surprising that most of my pictures more closely resemble a “Where’s Wally” than anything else.

However, that was not the end of our Hobbitty adventure, as we won tickets to see the first public screening at the Embassy Theatre.  Some dressed as elves, some dressed in their pyjamas.  Most had their photo taken with the splendid Orc – whose growling was something else!  Oh, and then we watched the movie.  This isn’t a film review site, though, so onto the pictures!

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