The golden age of film

While in Napier for a wedding (more soon!) I got out the old family movie projector.  I hadn’t really seen it up close (Dad always set it up when I was younger and, well, it was always dark!).  I’d forgotten there was also a movie camera with it.  They make for some pretty beautiful photos, and next time I intend on re-recording the films with my camera so we don’t lose them!

I also hadn’t ever looked into what models we had.  I had always assumed that they were originally my grandparents camera and projector.  Although, with 7 kids on one income I don’t know how they’d have afforded it!  After looking into it and discovering both the camera and projector were produced in the 1930’s, they must have been handed down, or owned by someone else entirely.

Perhaps a little more research is required!


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