Northland part two

We’d made it to Kerikeri, but had to backtrack a wee bit to Waitangi.  As the place where NZ became a part of the British Empire, it’s a pretty important place to visit for any Kiwi.

We continued further north, until there was nowhere else to go but turn back.  Unfortunately, Cape Reinga was particularly stormy – during the night, we had to re-park the ‘van to try and stop the rolling motion.  Imagine being in an earthquake for 14 hours!  We also discovered the small windows above the cab were leaking.  Right on to our bed!  Still, how often do you come across 100 kph winds in New Zealand?

Oh, right.

Thankfully, we made it through the night.  Another small van used our beast as shelter, so at least we had van buddies if anything had gone wrong!

During our reading up about Northland, I got the impression that all the interesting stuff was on the east coast, and the west was quite dull.  I couldn’t have disagreed more!  If you’re at all interested in trees, birds then the west coast (and especially the forests) is the place to be.  Through Waipoua, 26 km of windy roads that pass within centimetres of great native bush.  Fantastic!

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