Driving in Japan

High on Andy’s to-do list was a driving experience like no other: a Nissan GTR, a full tank of petrol and Mt Fuji as the backdrop.  We braved a cold Tokyo morning at 4 am, and found our bus to the fun2drive office.  Nestled in the mountains, the drive down to Gotemba gave us a jaw-dropping close-up view of Mt Fuji.  Four hours of driving through beautiful mountain passes and around to Lake Yamanaka – the largest of Fuji-go-ko (Fuji five lakes).

In a total contrast, toward the end of our trip, in Yakushima we also hired a car.  There is almost no public transport on there, so car really was the best way to get around. Rather than a thirsty GTR though, this time we went for that other truly Japanese car – the Kei Car.  With a maximum 600cc engine, what this car lacked in speed it made up for in hilarity.

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