Beaches, valleys, sunset#1 – Hawaii Part 2

We’d been in Maui less than 24 hours, so it was time to explore!  We’d hired a (very) unassuming car, and boy were we determined to venture out.

Tip 2: A challenging road in Hawaii is well, easier than an average back road in NZ.  Really.

I spent the entire trip getting left and right confused (I think my brain must have flipped upside down on the plane), so not only was I not going to be a great driver, but I was a completely hopeless navigator as well.  Poor Andy!

We followed the road north, almost making it around the western lobe of Maui taking in:  Dragon’s Teeth lava rocks, stopped at Kaukini Gallery, the waves at Mololea Point, and a drive-by sunset, somewhere near Ka’anapali.


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