Lahaina Town – Hawaii Part 3

Let’s take a look at this little slice of paradise that we stayed in!  Lahaina is a small, sleepy tourist town; most of the businesses are hospitality or tourist activity/souvenir shops.  Generally speaking, there’s no big nightlife in Lahaina, which probably helps the super-relaxed charm of the place.  And (crucially, if you’re from a not-so-warm part of the earth) there’s not a lot of shade, save for this giant banyan tree!

Tip 3: You can walk into any restaurant in swimwear and flip-flops… And I thought NZ had a relaxed dress code!

In this batch, we have a few pics of Lahaina, including that banyan tree.  We took the Honoapi’ilani highway south to the Olowalu petroglyphs and a lookout at Papaw point.  We caught our first glimpse at the top of Haleakala, sampled the local fruits and met Birdward, our new BFF (even if for only a few hours)

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